Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where for art thou perv?

Generally I like to have indepth discussions on a variety of topical, social and cultural issues - What really happened between Cameron and J.T, Does anyone really think Rhiannon can sing or how come Maria Sharapova grunts like a bus (Yeah in my universe buses grunt). However the past week I've continued with the resurgence of my feminist self and have been concerned with the epidemic of "upskirts" getting busted in Australia and New Zealand. My concern is not in the apprehension by the authorities (Oh boo poor little pervs) but in the scary fact that they just seem to be everywhere. And ok, unless you're Britney Spears, maybe there doesn't appear to be any real reason to get your back up to the extent that I have. But let's be honest, this isn't something harmless. Maybe the actual object of the gaze is not that shocking ( a panties clad nether regions) but it's the invasion and the abuse of power. As Drs Schroeder and McDonagh wrote (in their paper on pornography and digital photography) "To gaze at (an upskirt image) implies a social psychologial relationship of power in which the gazer is superior to the object of the gaze." In this technological age, you can access porn with remarkable ease (unless you don't have internet in which case, you're slightly screwed) where you can find all manner of things to arouse you, from Abi Titmuss with milk all over her breasts to...well stuff I didn't open. Which leads me to why this is so sick. Apparently there's over 7 million results that bring up "upskirt." And from the unsuspecting victims here in Melbourne at the Aussie Open to the buskers festival in conservative (ha) Christchurch, it begs the questions - How many of these "targets" are the unkowing stars of internet porn?
A heated discussion with Kebabette made us despair that it's because there is so much "stuff" avaliable, that people are looking for some other way to get their kicks. I don't know...We were guessing that it's the "peeping tom" aspect that is maybe the thrill...The fact that these are just regular girls and not some world weary porno star? Regardless, it's a sad state of affairs when someone can't get on a tram wearing a summer dress without fear that some loser is going to take a pic with a camera in his dunlop sneakers (for real).
All this great digital power has left us with some worrying problems...problems that are much more disturbing than pixel clarity, that's for sure...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Red Carpet Style

Award season is now underway, and gossip mags and fashion hags are rubbing their mandibles together with glee. At the 2007 Golden Globes, the usual offenders shimmied their stuff in unsuitable, unflattering and slightly mental outfits but, as ever, there were some shining style beacons who brought sexy back.

I liked America Ferrara and Reese Witherspoon's outfits - simple shapes and strong jewel like colours.

Salma's looks a little too much like a towel or sheet draping. She is still gorgeous though.

When it comes to the red carpet, one of the best is the ethereal Cate Blanchett. At the 71st Oscars, her John Galliano dress with hummingbird embroidered down the back was unspeakably gorgeous.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Youtube obsession

Absolutely a youtube freak...If I'm not looking up Katie Price, I'm watching Dexter Fletcher and Jack Davenport bury a body in a lake (a preview for a short film...In case anyone thought Jack and Dexter had taken their between work lulls to heart)...It's so great. However I'm a bit of technophobe so I can't link you to an amazing song I found (despite the lovely Kebabette's best efforts to explain). So all I'll say is go to youtube and look up "Pretty in Pink" - And then click onto the song "I'm not on your mind." - Fantastic original song that kicks Sandi Thom's sooky behind. Even better is the "Pretty in Pink" montage with it - You read it here first...

Leonardo Dicaprio does his bit for the single guys

I went and saw the Tony Scott pic "Blood Diamond" last week. It was a brutal, compelling film with some damn fine acting and some fantastic dialogue ("I like to be kissed before I get f**ked"). However I feel this film could become the film of choice for every perspective guy about to propose. Not because Leo is so dreamy or because Jennifer Connolley manages to have decent cleavage in the midst of bloodshed. This is the film for people about to say " I will" because it 100% puts you off diamonds. Seriously. In the days following I actually felt bad for guys who'd forked out thousands for a ring because if you took your beloved to this film before getting down on bended knee she would swoon at the...rubber band you presented her. Or even a burger ring for you real old fashioned types. Girlfriends who might not have seen the film may call your fiancee a cheapskate or a real sh*t but you would know...He rocks. (without the bling rock)
I know it sounds like I'm joking...and I am a little bit...but to get boring on an otherwise trivial blog..."Blood Diamond" just makes you realise that all that glitters is not always gold...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Brit's in Rehab

According to the increasingly reliable sources at NW magazine (ha ha) everybody's favourite lil commando has checked herself into rehab after a particularly big New Years Eve. These Hollywood types are so soft...Most people after getting sozzled at New Years simply drink their body weight in water or become best buddies with the staff at Maccas in attempt to replenish their nutrient deprived bodies...Or they sleep, whiling away the hours under their duvet cover as those who didn't over-indulge jog or drink coffee or shop at Meyers or whatever it is people who don't drink etc over the holiday period do. But no...Britney checks into rehab. I'm not making light of people who really do have substance issues (ok well I am but only celebrities) because it seriously seems like every second day some pop tart is checking into the Priory or Promises with as much regularity as Lindsay Lohan changing her hair colour. Even my own mother seemed bored by the news of another entrant into the Rehab circuit...And I have to agree...Care factor ZERO...Come on Brits...the sans panties era was a new idea...Surely you can sink lower than rehab, hmmm??

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ralph news

Gossy old Holy Moly claims Ralph has been amusing himself in the time honoured fashion on the set of the latest Harry Potter:
To the untrained eye it was simply another actor watching films in his trailer, which was certainly the impression Ralph thought he was giving. Unfortunately, the runners took the opportunity to check these videos for themselves and were suitably impressed by the fact that every single one was a grot flick rather than a Merchant Ivory.

We can't comment on that. But we do know Ralph will soon be in Sydney performing Samuel Beckett.