Thursday, March 15, 2007

Historical Hotties

You know when you are just a little teeny bopper and your hormones are a fizzing and fermenting ... and you start having crushes on pop stars and movie gods ... can you remember who were YOUR historical hotties?

Here's a few of mine from waaaaay back in the day

My ultimate ... and recipient of the only fan letter I have ever written.
Scottish, with stunning bone structure and eagle eyes. Intelligent, intense, and a fiendishly good actor on stage and screen.

I first saw him in a 1980s tv series called "The Fear" where he played a 80s chancer.

See this potted bio on Fandango

Daily Telegraph article on this wonderful actor and what he is up to these days.

Other Faves:
Simon Le Bon - Duran Duran. Of course.
Martin Fry of ABC
Gary Oldman
John Duttine (lovely bearded chap from "The Day of the Triffids")


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