Sunday, February 11, 2007

Scandals & Sorrow

Firstly, a tribute to Anna Nicole Smith. If her life was a Jackie Collins potboiler, you would have thought the plot was over the top. NZHerald has a nice synopsis of her mad world online. I first remember hearing about Anna Nicole when she modelled for Guess. She had that creamy blonde voluptousness that made her a natural heir to Marilyn and Jayne Mansfield.

There were so many soap opera elements to her life, the trailer park, titty bars, marriage to a wizened billionaire, modelling, Playboy, dramatic weight gain and loss, drugs, endless court cases, reality tv, and the recent tragic loss of her son at the time of her baby daughter's birth.

Now she has died in mysterious circumstances and becomes another of the blonde legends and their fatal heritage.

See The Observer: Anna Nicole - a golden girl, not a gold digger
No more drama. Rest in peace

On a lighter note, here is a headline you didn't think you'd ever see.
Ralph Fiennes in mile-high scandal:
A QANTAS flight attendant faces the sack after being accused of having sex with British actor Ralph Fiennes in an aircraft toilet while flying from Australia to India.

Sydney-based Lisa Robertson (no relation to the Sisters R), 38, met the star of The English Patient while working in the business-class cabin on flight QF 123 from Darwin to Mumbai on January 24.

In a confidential report to Qantas management obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, Ms Robertson is accused of chatting to Fiennes during the flight and being seen exiting the same toilet moments apart.

She claims Fiennes, 44, became "amorous'' towards her in the toilet.

Ms Robertson declined to comment when contacted by The Sunday Telegraph.

Qantas staff who were aware of the incident said last night the couple were caught after crew members waited outside the toilet.

In a statement lodged with her employer, Ms Robertson denied the allegations.

The statement was presented at a meeting on Thursday between Ms Robertson, the Flight Attendants' Association, Qantas and airline services contractor Morris Alexander Management.

At the meeting Qantas representatives accused Ms Robertson of having sex with Fiennes.

Ms Robertson has been suspended without pay.

Fiennes had been in Australia to perform at the Sydney Festival before travelling to India.

Details of Ms Robertson's alleged encounter with Fiennes are contained in her statement to Qantas management.

It shows she has been accused of two breaches of the company's corporate and cabin-crew policies.

Read her statement
Yet more proof that the "repressed Englishman" ain't ... !


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