Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Leonardo Dicaprio does his bit for the single guys

I went and saw the Tony Scott pic "Blood Diamond" last week. It was a brutal, compelling film with some damn fine acting and some fantastic dialogue ("I like to be kissed before I get f**ked"). However I feel this film could become the film of choice for every perspective guy about to propose. Not because Leo is so dreamy or because Jennifer Connolley manages to have decent cleavage in the midst of bloodshed. This is the film for people about to say " I will" because it 100% puts you off diamonds. Seriously. In the days following I actually felt bad for guys who'd forked out thousands for a ring because if you took your beloved to this film before getting down on bended knee she would swoon at the...rubber band you presented her. Or even a burger ring for you real old fashioned types. Girlfriends who might not have seen the film may call your fiancee a cheapskate or a real sh*t but you would know...He rocks. (without the bling rock)
I know it sounds like I'm joking...and I am a little bit...but to get boring on an otherwise trivial blog..."Blood Diamond" just makes you realise that all that glitters is not always gold...


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