Monday, January 08, 2007

Brit's in Rehab

According to the increasingly reliable sources at NW magazine (ha ha) everybody's favourite lil commando has checked herself into rehab after a particularly big New Years Eve. These Hollywood types are so soft...Most people after getting sozzled at New Years simply drink their body weight in water or become best buddies with the staff at Maccas in attempt to replenish their nutrient deprived bodies...Or they sleep, whiling away the hours under their duvet cover as those who didn't over-indulge jog or drink coffee or shop at Meyers or whatever it is people who don't drink etc over the holiday period do. But no...Britney checks into rehab. I'm not making light of people who really do have substance issues (ok well I am but only celebrities) because it seriously seems like every second day some pop tart is checking into the Priory or Promises with as much regularity as Lindsay Lohan changing her hair colour. Even my own mother seemed bored by the news of another entrant into the Rehab circuit...And I have to agree...Care factor ZERO...Come on Brits...the sans panties era was a new idea...Surely you can sink lower than rehab, hmmm??


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