Friday, February 16, 2007

goose and gander

Ok I don't know if I'm out on a limb here but I figure this is my blog (well me and Kebabette's) so too bad!! I mean does anyone really read these anyway? Na na na na na -boooooo hisssss.
Right...Being normal...Anyway it seems everywhere you turn, you see straight girls making out with each other, or pashing or posing in some men's mag wearing nothing but a bikini thong and an awkward pout (I'm sure there's a whole lot of literal minded straight guys out there rapidly turning from left and right trying to see these alleged pashers)...Now before you think this is a full on rant against that, rest assured it's not...My "angle" is why aren't straight guys pashing? (not how I don't ask that they wear pouts and g-strings while they do it?) Seriously...There's this whole myth out there that all us girls are one champers away from snogging our best friend whilst we flick our hair about the place and stick our boobs out for some guy's benefit..or because we so just want to make out with every semi hot girl...Newsflash...It's not the case! Girls are just exploiting the fact that men are greedy...By this I mean, they'd rather look at two girls than one...Four girls than three...Etc etc. And I'm not going to begrudge that. I'm guilty of it myself.I was at a writers group once when one of the male writers asked me and a fellow female to kiss and he'd buy us drinks for the rest of the night...Easy...One tongue pash for a few beers.
But...if you asked two guys to do that, it's most unlikely. In fact guys have a few beers and just become incoherent, not inclined to tongue their rubgy team. Who's right, who's wrong? I don't want to lay it on the line...I just want to say I'm greedy too...Just suck in your man boobs and give your mate a peck on the cheek...I'll shout you...


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