Friday, April 06, 2007

David Warner and all that is great in the world

I've torn myself away from my plate of broccoli (you think I'm joking...) as I was looking at my dvd collection and thinking about what makes me buy certain films and not others. I've got this whole "logic" thing going. There are some films that I own that I don't exactly rate as my faves but there's something about them that makes me want to watch over and over again. Which to me is what separates a film you'd watch a few times and enjoy to one you put on high rotation. Admittedly I do own a few flicks that I think I've only watched once...but I just had to have them. (ooh eer)
Ok my mouth tastes like broccoli now...Ew...
Anyway, green vegies aside, there is one film I own that has somehow over the years become part of a ritual. I watched it years ago when I first moved out of home as I was packing up my bedroom and from then on, everytime I've moved flat or been about to go overseas on a big holiday (as in not to New Zealand!) I've put it on and it calms me down. It transports me. It makes me feel safe and secure and feel confident. Because it's so inherently become part of when I travel or uproot myself, the memory of those viewings really soothes me and is part of my journey. Ok so this sounds like I'm taking the piss...And it will even more so when I say what the film is...But it's true!! I'm moving overseas soon and I tell you what - When I'm packing up my room or during one of those days before I leave...I'll be watching "Waxwork." The 80s horror that has it's tongue firmly in cheek the whole time (even the director...his name is Anthony Hickcox...I mean, please!) yet still manages to have some genuinely gorey moments. I might sound like a freak, in so far as a schlocky horror film with cannibalism, zombies and crushed in brains is something that gives me serenity. And maybe I am. But there's something about David Warner in his bizarre get up that looks like he's a cricket player gone mad, coming out with lines such as "Would you like a closer look?" as he's dunked into a vat of wax that just makes me I'm sure you've got your own personal film that just transports you and makes you feel good...Perhaps it's something more palatable than mine...But mine's working just fine for me...I can't wait to watch it again.


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